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Dedicated to Free Thought and the Cultivation of Ones Truths

The greatest liberty in life is free will providing us choices supported by our free thought. These choices are influenced by our experiences and supported by precepts we learn and value as we apply them in our daily lives. They do define who we are and is the difference in the way we handle the positive and negatives we encounter in our lives.

The liberties we enjoy and value come from these choices. These liberties strengthen or fade as we exercise them. Our actions are the daily exercise of these liberties.

Each persons environment is filled with situation having attributes of positive and negative. How we deal with each of these develops trends of positive and negative decisions, behavior and values.

Truth and honesty are primary precepts that are not always a focus today. This can provide a clear outline of a problem and the beginning of possible solutions. Together with compassion, benevolence and understanding, fortified with forbearance, patience and tolerance boundless opportunities maybe found.

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