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Liberty at its core screams free will and certainly implies freedoms that have been valued and honored from the beginning of time. Man has contemplated and indulged in these choices thus becoming kings, criminals, masters and slaves.

Decisions and choices define who we are and is the difference in the way we handle the events of our lives. These choices are influenced by our experiences and supported by precepts we learn and value as we apply them in our daily lives.

The liberties we enjoy and value are defined and redefined as we exercise them. They strengthen or fade as we choose how we exercise them.

Choices and decision making is a masters art which we all do every day. Each person's environment is filled with positive and negative situations. How we deal with each of these develops trends for decisions, influences behavior and our values.

Decisions deserve honor. Truth and honesty provide clarity to a situation and develops its own intelligent nature. Seeing clearly while making decisions needs understanding with a companionate view thus developing a benevolent nature. Each effort will need to exercise patience and tolerance while developing an unyielding forbearance. This is a powerful combination.

Decisions made with these precepts, Truth, Compassion and Forbearance have a quality that of diamonds and a purity of unparalleled quality. All things of value takes time and effort. The nature of these decisions reflect your inner true self. These concepts are simple although their practice may not be. Together with courage and support new understandings and awareness are outstanding.